Sider Lock

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April 26, 2018
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Sider Lock


The Glock® pistol has a combination of three automatic safety features (trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety), which are sequentially disengaged when the trigger is pulled. The central pivot of the trigger is the first safety mechanism to disengage when the trigger is pulled and therefore the most important.

The safety pin of the SIDERLOCK® trigger is a precise positioning system and when engaged blocks the movement of the central pivot avoiding an accidental discharge of the weapon.

SIDERLOCK® trigger offers the option of keeping the pistol in its original firing configuration simply by not engaging the lock.

The SIDERLOCK® concept is simple: With a push on the safety pin a sliding pin acts to block or release the movement of the central pivot of the trigger, where by avoiding an accidental discharge when the slide is in the block position, and behaves exactly as the original Glock® trigger when in the release position, all the while maintaining the original manufacture specifications.

Once the SIDERLOCK® trigger is installed on the pistol, firing is accomplished by sliding the safety pin to the left prior to pulling the trigger. Preventing firing is obtained by simply sliding the safety pin to the right (Right hand Shooter assumed).This action is displayed in the animation at the left.

For left-handed shooters, simply remove and invert the safety pin using the tools and instructions provided with the SIDERLOCK® trigger.

No matter which position the slide is in it never extends beyond the trigger guard, avoiding any accidental contact with the holster ether inserted or withdrawn.

SIDERLOCK® adheres to the same high manufacturing standards as Glock®, using only high quality materials, a simple design and construction process, and therefore is guaranteed for life.

  • Replaces factory trigger.
  • Adds an extra measure of safety.
  • Avoids an accidental discharge.
  • Maintaing Glock® original specifications.
  • Easy installation.
  • Fits all Glock® models Also Glock® Gen4.
  • Ambidextrous and dismantled.
  • High quality materials.
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