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The SK-19 air rifle from LCS Air Arms represents a new generation in a semi-auto hammer-less design. Made in the USA! The tactical design and select-fire function allows for semi-auto rate of fire. The SK-19 provides an incredible rate of fire and high power in .177  smooth bore caliber. The LCS SK-19 magazine provides 19 shots and will chamber the longest of available pellets or slugs. Accuracy is provided by a Lother-Walther barrel and a highly tunable regulated action. The regulator is adjustable from a small easy-to-access knob just in front of the air fill. A power wheel at the back of the action gives the shooter further command of the air delivery mechanism. The rifle sports two safeties, a picatinny scope rail and bipod rail.  The barrel is covered with a carbon fiber style shroud and silencer for low muzzle report. The LCS SK-19 comes standard with a 480cc removable carbon bottle and two pressure gauges for vital air supply and regulator pressure information. In semi auto fire the rifle will run through the 19 shot magazine in just over 3 seconds. The SK-19 is a leap forward in airgunning fun and performance.



Specifications 4.5mm/ .177 Smoothbore  Caliber

Calibre                                           .177 Smoothbore

Overall Length                              35 inches

Barrel Length                                23 inches

Weight                                             7.75lbs

Power Plant                                    PCP

Cylinder Volume                            480cc

Shots per Fill                                   up to 80

Capacity                                           19 shots

Scope Rail                                        Picatinny

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